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life science companies

Vision without strategy is an illusion.

Strategy without support lives in the mind, not the heart.

A plan far from reality dies in execution.

Implementation without structure… well, that’s just not smart.

Think about it.

Do you think you can achieve more if you just had the time to sit down, think and work out some of your strategic issues?

Then it’s time to go beyond average.

My name is Anu Pherai,
looking forward to meet you.

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What we can help with. 

Any type of strategy- and /or marketing-related question

  • In pharma
  • In medical devices
  • In any other life science business
  • Single-country or multi-country, within the EMEA-region
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“Shoot it down, but it won’t fall. It is Titanium”

This is what we inspire to be and what we aim to deliver.

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How we work


  • Strategic Solution Architect.
  • Assignment with agreed deliverables.
  • Customized solution offer.
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What makes us distinctive and effective.

Based on 20 years of experience we developed our own structered approach of strategic marketing questions in Life Science industry and named it SIDHI.

Success definition
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सिद्धि = SIDHI

meaning ‘accomplishment’ or ‘success’

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